The Eid Committee was established in the early 1970’s in Newark, NJ to put on the Islamic celebrations for the growing Muslim community in the Greater Newark Area. The Eid Committee is a completely volunteer organization and a labor of love. The committee is a 501c3 which consists of volunteers within the Muslim community. Anyone can join.

What We Do

The Eid Committee of New Jersey is primarily responsible for putting on Eid ul Fitra and Eid ul Adha celebrations for the Muslim community in the Greater Newark Area of New Jersey. This includes providing all logistical support including fundraising, venue selection, venue preparation, sound system procurement and readiness, entertainment, vendor procurement, food and food serving, security, cleanup, record keeping and recording. The committee also as of recent, works in conjunction with other organizations, or by itself, in providing outlets, functions and activities for the youth and young adults within our community. Additionally, we provide a searchable Muslim Business Directory in order to facilitate Muslim businesses awareness and patronage.

Sis. HajjaAngela Saborah Shaddad

Sis. Hameenah Muhammad

Sis. Sakinah Sabur

Sis. Karima Jenkins

Bro. Nasr Ismail

Sis. Jameelah Pasha

Bro. Terrance S. Furquan

Sis. Hassana Shaw